Roping Results

The Ninth Annual James Pickens, Jr. Charity Roping was held at Clovis Rodeo grounds on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.  The event offered a Pro-Am, Open and a Kids Dummy roping contest. For the first time the Pro-Am and Open roping events were streamed live on the Wrangler Network.

Trophy saddles by Coats Saddlery and cash prizes were awarded to the winners Kaleb Driggers and Walt Woodard in the Open, along with trophy buckles from Montana Silversmiths. Open Average winners Riley Minor and Travis Graves also won cash and trophy buckles from Montana Silversmith. Amateur Pro-Am winners Robert Kitchell and Russell Cardoza earned cash and trophy buckles from Montana Silversmith.

 Results are as follows: payoffs are per man.

Open Roping: 89 teams.

  • 1st round: 1st. Garrett Rogers and Russell Cardoza $617.00
  • 1st round 2nd. Coleman Proctor and Billy Jack Saebins $628.00
  • 2nd. Round: 1st Andrew Ward and Rollin Von Hon $625.00
  • 2nd round 2nd Joshua Torres and Cody Hogan $642.00


  •  1st Kaleb Diggers and Walt Woodard $6,040.00
  • 2nd Riley Minor and Travis Graves $3,418.00
  • 3rd Andrew Ward and Rollin Von Hon $3,545.00
  • 4th Jeff Flemiker and Graham Torrez $3,827.00
  • 5th Luke Brown and Jake Long $3,963
  • Short go: 1. JR Dees and Nano Garcia $591.00

Pro-Am Roping: 67 teams.

  • Payoff for this roping is per team. 
  • Fast time Am Header: Dave Carrico and Chase Ryan $690.00
  • Fast time Am Heeler: Buster Berna and Kasper Roy $633.00


  • 1st Robert Kitchelle $1,952.00 and Russell Cardoza, $1.302.00
  • 2nd Sonny Cowden $1,464.00 and Cesar De La Cruz, $976.00
  • 3rd Brandi Smith $976.00 and Jake Long, $650.00
  • 4th JR Marshall $488.00 and Ty Arnold, $326.00

Kid's Dummy Roping Results

The second annual Kids’ Dummy Roping competition sponsored by RopeSmart for children from ages six and under, seven to nine and ten to twelve years competed to win a Short Go Mini Roping Dummy with LED lights and wheels. Skyler Lauzon won the age six and under, returning champion Danika Verhoeven won in the seven to nine age group and Kaidence Mitchell won in the ten to twelve age group.

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